what i’m painting with

In “real life” I paint acrylic on reclaimed wood.  They are very different from what I do here but share the theme of colorful!  Cuttings from those paintings appear here and there on my blog.

What’s mostly here is done on my computer.

I don’t work for corel but am often asked how I’m doing my digital art.  So, in case You are interested, I’m drawing/painting digitally on my laptop using corel painter 2017 and a bamboo drawing pad/pen that’s about 11 years old!  It’s not even working properly anymore….but for $100 or more You can get a really good one, I think! They run up to over $1000 or more for a REALLY kickass experience.  I’m so fine with simple that sometimes I’ll  just “fingerprint” by drawing right on my computer pad.

There’s tons of options for styles of painting (oil, acrylic, water cooler, etc.) and brushes/mediums to use.  I always start with a blank page and just play.

Corel will let You download programs for 30 day free trials!  Here’s where You can find them:

corel free trials