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The joy of living (Happiness and Sadness)

One of my paintings got married!!! My lovely friend, Ankit, wed it to a piece of his absolutely beautiful music. How cool is that?!!! Ankit shape shifts constantly through his wonderful poetry, art and music. I’m overjoyed and honored to have been swept up! I hope You’ll take a listen. So very peaceful…his music climbs, swirls and dances through my painting. Thank You, Ankit! And Thank YOU Lovely People for being here! Cheers All!!!

Despite my deepest thoughts

Life is all about happiness, sadness and there is that neutral feeling. Here, I’ve tried to capture those 3 elements in one song/track. First, its the neutral phase, after that there is kinda sad solo which is followed by happy cheerful ending, making it the The joy of living.

This beautiful art work belongs to Katy. Thank you for letting me use it.

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Love is Eternity-reblog

Words in the Light always gifts smiles in my heart! Seriously beautiful! Check this reblog out:



How long does a wing beat last?
How far away is the farthest Star?
We all are butterfly children.
We all fell from abyssal skies.

But the Sea remains aware.
We’re riding the crest of a dream,
and there is no reason to worry.
Waves of light will carry us home.

The Heart beats slow.
The Soul weighs nothing.
We already know

Love is Eternity.

© Frédéric Georges Martin

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