as we pass

You leave flowers on my doorstep

with every smile and hello

my home overflows with the laughter You

hide around every corner

walls melt and are no longer there

every time Light repeats those Sacred Words

You planted deep inside my Soul

• • •

Happy Sunday, Beautiful World Family!!!! I TOTALLY forgot to say “Hello!!!” when I originally posted this! I have been in absolute space the past few days! I hope this finds You and Yours well and that You All have a WONDERFUL week!!! Huge hugs all around!

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your reflection

“every step you take…”*

from deep inside your sweet heart

ONE watches…..and Loves…

• • •

Happy Monday Beautiful World Family!!! Hoping You and Yours have many sweet surprises this week gifting joyful smiles!!! Sending Much Love and Huge Hugs all Around!!! Cheers!

*I must admit I will never ever ever be able to think of the words “every step You take” without thinking of the amazing STING, The Police and ‘Every Breath You Take’!!! In my mind….those are their words! Thanks Sting! 💕

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