wabi sabi waltz • acrylic on reclaimed window

This is the same completed piece shot 3 different ways:

mounted on the wall, outside with sunlight shining through it and lastly with fairy lites (which removably mounted) behind it.

pretty much every time i paint there are moments or strokes

where my paints, brushes and i trip over one another and stumble around a bit

laugh fests ensue

my paintings boss me around and always win

it’s a wonderful surrender

i tuck in for the ride and watch what happens

during this first venture on glass….the bumping/laughing/tripping and what in the worlds? never stopped!

i felt like a 3 year old set loose and i reckon it shows…

but oh! what a very fun wabi sabi waltz it was!!!

• • •

Happy Saturday, Beautiful People!!!

• • •

Thank You, Jo, for Your continued encouragement to paint on glass! I’m very excited about a round window hanging on glass that I’m UBER close to finishing! Posting soon! And while I’m thanking, THANK YOU ALL for Your amazingly loving, super kind and supportive presence here and for all the wonderful things You gift on Your sites!!! Loveliness abounds!!!

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