next to it

autumn came running in three days ago all out of breath and overcome with joy

like santa he bounded straight down the chimney of summer’s life-sucking, perpetually sticky wet heat

banning the zillions of ravenous mosquitoes she kept in the folds of her skirts

everyone and everything has come back to life

even the butterflies have outnumbered themselves and swirl blissfully around our heads as we walk, seeming to sing, “it’s here! it’s here!”

rare birds i’ve never met before, on their way to south american jungles, danced ’round our back deck for a glorious couple of days speaking in languages of deep mystery and magical surprises

political signs wave in the breeze

the tv pipes in now and again leaking horror and opinions all over the floor

but, OH! LIFE, in her infinite, mind-blowing beauty and ALL embracing “Here I Am!!!”s

remains everything that is NOW

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