free-flow art/haikus

the matter

digital acrylic, watercolor, airbrush, conte and effects


huge (w)hole(?) in the heart

precious gift? bizarre curse? what…

window? prison? love?

my om

Breaking form for a cool P.S.!!!

 Lovely Isabelle wrote a wonderful post that touched on the too often  tragic end of writers which called a TED talk I had seen years ago to mind. She asked me to send her a link. So I started searching. The talk I saw no longer exists!!! Or I’ve edited it into a form in my mind that never did….however this is the same brilliant woman, Elizabeth Gilbert, in a very similar (just broader strokes) talk. Watching it was a wonderful gift. She’s got great, helpful things to say about being a creative type in our current culture. I found it overwhelmingly nourishing on every level. If You’ve got a second and want an incredible HUG and some FANTABULOUS coping skills, check it out! I think TED has a block on their vids being put on websites because I can’t upload this, but it’s worth a journey!

Super cool fantastical amazing TED talk that will make You SMILE!!!


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