this just in! i got published with and by some wonderful people & You’re invited to the launch party on June 18th!!! Yay!

Hello Beautiful People of the World!!! I hope this finds You and Yours well!

I am so crazy honoured to say I got published along with a lot of WONDERFUL poets in a new compilation titled ‘Wounds I Healed/The Poetry of Strong Women’.

It’s now available on Amazon and I Just found out we’re #1 in hot new releases! YAY!!!

This lovely exploration of the phases of healing which includes the poetry of both courageous women and a few inspired men is edited by the absolutely brilliant, highly awarded, #1 bestselling Amazon Author and all-round mindblowingly, generously supportive Poetess/writer/professor Gabriela Marie Milton. If You’re not familiar with Gabriela’s completely transportive, otherworldly words, please gift Yourself greatly and check her out at Short Prose Poetry! Time truly stands still in the most spectacular ways when I am inside her thoughts. I get profoundly lost and it’s a magical experience. Also, I have never ceased being amazed at her ability to do all she does and still regularly make her way around blogland strewing love and beyond-kind encouragement! Gabriela is also the publisher of MasticadoresUsa.

This exciting compilation has been published by Experiments in Fiction, a publishing house owned by Ingrid Wilson who is herself a successful poet and writer, nominated for Spillwords Author of the Year 2021. I had the pleasure of listening to Ingrid speak at a talk on this completed work about a week ago. She sounds so lovely! I look forward to getting to know her!

The incredible cover art is by Nick Reeves. It was really interesting to hear him speak of his process and it will be fun getting to know him as well!

We’re having a launch party that will be livestreamed on Youtube, June 18th at 3pm London time for anyone interested! Drop on by!!!

Thank You, Gabriela and Ingrid!!! And Thank YOU beautiful People for being here! Cheers and Huge hugs all around!

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speaking: we are walking seas

Divine crystals, All

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Happy Sunday, Beautiful People of the World!!! I hope this finds You and Yours well. My mind was so joyfully blown right out of my head this week!!! I practice EFT tapping and one of my teachers I enjoy is Dr. Kim D’Eramo. I came across a vid of Dr. Kim interviewing Veda Austin, a New Zealand water scientist and Thank God I decided to watch it!!! This interview is sincerely beyond wonderful! For those of You familiar with the late, absolutely brilliant Dr. Emoto‘s incredible water studies…Veda’s dance with water has journeyed her into much deeper, even more fascinatingly intimate realms and her method is so simple and playful she teaches it to school children! I bought her book right after I watched this, and literally am finding myself crying with joy every other page….so I have to share:

Sending All of You HUGE hugs and wishes for a week that flows more Love in and out of Your beautiful heart than You ever imagined You could bear!!! Cheers!

All art, poetry, etc. on this site (unless otherwise noted) are by/© Katy Boyer & Blissbait Art. All rights reserved.
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