‘in the sky’ • acrylic on reclaimed glass tabletop set in handmade frame of acrylic on reclaimed easel legs bound with galvanized steel wire and twine • hangs from a groovy white chain

side one with light behind
side 2 with light behind
side one with no light behind
side two, no light behind

My journey of trying to shoot this piece was highly comedic!!! I didn’t do it justice, but after literally hours of failing to truly capture all sides of it in varying light (and the coolness of the frame!) I’m in the process of making a small film of it for my website. I’ll give a shout out when I post that there if anyone is interested! It hangs from a cool white chain and is really lovely! I learned a lot in the process and can’t wait to dive into my next glass!

And…CHEERS to all of You AMAZING photographers out there!!! Your art is truly a highly technical skill that You make look easy. From years of photographing my art (sometimes with success….others….NOT! 🤣) I am in complete awe of what You do!!!

While I’m at it: CHEERS, Everyone!!! I hope You All have super fantastic days!!!

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