easin’ on down

i must’ve spilled coffee on my map

some wine, tears and sea spray too

i run in circles forward, back

sometimes i run into you

dead ends a plenty and wide open bliss walk peacefully hand in hand

there are thousands of days i’m in grateful joy

and more where i don’t understand

the sun and moon, they dance their waltz

life ebbs and flows nonstop

i’ll ride this trajectory ’til God says i’m done

and this part of my lessons stops

• • •

Happy Sunday, Beautiful People!!! My blogging friend, Shashank , suggested a couple of weeks ago that I draw a map of my life….or something like that. So, wonderful Shashank; here it is!!! 😅 Thank You for the suggestion that gifted me confusion, a good laugh and a lot of fun!!! I actually started drawing this on my phone at work one afternoon and then transferred it to my computer/digital art program to finish off. Yay! Huge hugs all around! And I invite You all to check out Shashank‘s blog!!! He’s really smart, has a huge heart and is gifted on so many levels! Cheers and Rock On, All!!!

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