just over there…

i went walking late lastnight through the worries in my mind

bopped on past the “should have dones”, the “why in the world”s; their kind

just after i sidled up to a joke i’d somehow long forgotten

thank God!!! i lost my footing and i slipped on some thought rotten

turned upside down and inside out and forgot all the things i think of

body spinning, laughing loud, breeze of sweet light showed the brink of

the room i’m truly sitting in, the humour waiting there

a Love bonanza that trusts Life, swings from treetops, plays with hair

my jaw dropped through the endless floor, my heart absorbed the night

i held court with timelessness where everything’s alright!

• •. •

Happy Sunday, Beautiful World Family!!! I hope this finds You and Yours well and that You have a week that holds some truly joyful surprises!!! Huge hugs all around!

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cool beans and groovy noodles!

Happy Saturday, Beautiful People!

I’m truly not sure who is to blame for planting the “Cool beans!” seed in my psyche so many years ago! But it moved into my brain and had chosen to set up permanent camp before I was conscious of even deciding I’d like to add it to my vernacular! Ah well. Makes me laugh so we remain friends.

Yesterday I went to the art supply store. The sweet, young cashier was very friendly and helpful. As our transaction ended I thanked her and said my beloved, “Cool beans!” She burst out laughing and said, “OH MY GOD! You sound just like my husband. Except he’s from Canada and does You one better. His phrase is “Cool beans and Groovy noodles!”

Now….how can that slice of silliness NOT marry “Cool beans!!!” I think they are already on their honeymoon! I’ll let them stay and decorate their little space of my psyche as they wish. Blame the wonderfully funny Canadian who I’ll probably never meet!!! 🤣

Have a Great One!!!

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i got published and didn’t realize it happened!!!

wave by/© Blissbait Art

Too fun and funny! There’s a wonderful website called Visual Verse. They post a picture the first day of every month with a challenge to submit a 50 – 500 word short story about it. You have to write on their “submit” page and are given one hour in which to do so. The opportunity to play along exists for 15 days, so bop on over if You’re in the mood! They publish up to 100 entires each go round. I tried it a year or so ago and never heard anything so figured I didn’t get published.

Yesterday I loved the pic they sent for March and submitted a 100 word story. This time around I realized they don’t contact people who get published. You have to keep checking the site out. So in looking to see if my new story got published I found my old one had gotten published all those months ago! You can read it published with their cool picture that inspired it at virtualverse.org, or with my own, MUCH after the fact artwork below. Yay!!! I wildly encourage everyone to give Visual Verse a shot. It’s sooo fun! And Thanks Tre (she’s a wonderful writer who has been published there a few times!) for putting them on my radar!!!

•   •   •


by Katy Boyer

I can’t remember who said what. It’s all a little crazy-dancy in my mind; blurred inside too many colors and memories that want to impose. He said/she said is too basic. The clock couldn’t stop laughing at our impasse. But right in the middle of a moment that leapt out of silence born from exhaustion; a seed was planted. A seed of love. The real thing. Not lust or want or need or manipulation or tit for tat. The absolute REAL thing. And over time it grew in the moments of laughter, kisses, silliness and gratitude in wonderful pockets when we were truly plugged in. Thank God. Oh, THANK GOD. Now we roam free within the forests of one another. Our indulgences, when ridiculous, merit an eye roll at best and a space in which to stew. But that incessant, “I’m right and You are an idiot and You this and You that and blah Blah BLAHHHHHH!!!!!!!” has chocked on a twig of truth.

sprouted for blog

wave by/© Blissbait Art

All artwork, poetry, etc. (unless otherwise noted) are by/© Katy Boyer & Blissbait Art. All rights reserved.

'om' by/© Blissbait Art

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