retirement party

I hereby interrupt life in general to bring absolute silliness to You. I present my circus mind on overdrive:

wave by/© Blissbait Art

retirement party

i’ve been deep in love with exclamation points

i splash them everywhere

they cover all my comments and i wear them in my hair

they end up in our soup at night and curl up in our bed

my poor man can barely breathe as some are on his head!

always in groups of 3s i strew them out like happy candy

i mean each and every one of them cuz y’all are so darn dandy!

but i’m pulling back, i’ve thought it through and just one is enough

(yep….i’m swallowed up by silliness since all news now is rough)

my enthusiasm hasn’t waned, but now i will be spare

it may just save internet juice, there will be more to share!

my fingers will be well relaxed, my keyboard will last longer

but know my admiration for all Y’all do never has been stronger!!!

(Doggonit! There I go again!)


•      •      •

I now return You to Your regularly scheduled everything. Cheers All! Stay safe!!! (“Stay safe” deserves 3 exclamation points so we’ll let that one ride!

wave by/© Blissbait Art

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