“dreams and bones”

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Blissbait Art | St. Simons Island Artist Katy Boyer/"dreams and bones"

“…Pullin’ weeds and pickin’ stones, we are made of dreams and bones…”

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Hey Beautiful People! I had ‘Garden Song’ by David Mallet running through my head like crazy while drawing this….wanted to post the lyrics to his whole song but no one is quite sure what the lyric’s are! There are sooo many different versions on google it’s exhausting. I have a version in my head running on a loop that I think is Pete Seegar’s…but anyway…talk about planting seeds! Beautiful David Mallet planted this song and it grew gorgeous flowers of all sorts!!! Huge hugs all around!

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P.S. Ishita’s is the first comment I read and she said she was going to listen to the song…thought I should post it (had planned to but laziness won the day! 😅) Anyway…YAY! I found the version of Pete Seeger singing it that I’ve known my whole life! And this wonderful video shows the original lyrics written out with the changes Pete made written in red under each line. SO cool! Here it is:

Thank You Ishita for the inspiration! Cheers ALL!

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