mary’s landing

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mary's gentle landing

drifting foreign lands

i can only imagine

what your heart/mind holds

•       •       •

Brief update for all You Exceedingly Dear Ones who have been praying for/sending Love to our sweet sister, Mary:

She’s landed. The people who run this facility seem lovely. We’ve spoken very frankly and extensively about her meds and all that happened. They assure me our wishes and the doctor’s letter saying she needs her meds will be honoured. The place is clean and sweet. The residents seem truly peaceful and happy as one can be in that situation. The staff warmly welcomed us and Mary. One of the nurses raises goats and brings babies with her now and again. I got to pet a tiny one. Amazing! So. Saying prayers, practicing trust and letting go. It has to be done.

I’m still searching for my place in Mental Health advocacy about the atrocities we’ve experienced/learned these past few weeks. When I get plugged in and have a plan I’ll give a shout out to those who wanted to help write letters, etc. Thank You!!!

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