of a sunday

this morning during coffee the clouds became waterfalls

their tops spilling over their huge, fluffy sides in ginormous billows of hellos!

I was absolutely stunned…

God! Why is there no one here with me to witness this? I asked outloud

isn’t that always the way?!!

as if on cue one of the tiny tree frogs that have decided my deck is a groovy place to live started croaking loudly

very loudly

a breeze raced onto my deck laughing

the leaves and flowers I am blessed to live with danced a slow tango

the cottony falls kept flowing down down down

all the way into my coffee

and sooo very deep down into my smiling heart!

• • •

Happy Sunday BEAUTIFUL People of the World!!! I hope this finds You and Yours well and that the coming week gifts All of You more JOY than You ever thought possible! I’ve added a new page of amazingly cool FREE resources that help keep me positive/smiling/growing/healing through these times that can be a bit challenging. It’s called free LOVE balm and if You ever need an extra laugh, smile, tool or whatever to get through whatever; I’ve started posting things there that help me greatly! Cheers, huge hugs all around and ROCK ON!!!

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