cool beans and groovy noodles!

Happy Saturday, Beautiful People!

I’m truly not sure who is to blame for planting the “Cool beans!” seed in my psyche so many years ago! But it moved into my brain and had chosen to set up permanent camp before I was conscious of even deciding I’d like to add it to my vernacular! Ah well. Makes me laugh so we remain friends.

Yesterday I went to the art supply store. The sweet, young cashier was very friendly and helpful. As our transaction ended I thanked her and said my beloved, “Cool beans!” She burst out laughing and said, “OH MY GOD! You sound just like my husband. Except he’s from Canada and does You one better. His phrase is “Cool beans and Groovy noodles!”

Now….how can that slice of silliness NOT marry “Cool beans!!!” I think they are already on their honeymoon! I’ll let them stay and decorate their little space of my psyche as they wish. Blame the wonderfully funny Canadian who I’ll probably never meet!!! 🤣

Have a Great One!!!

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