“You can tell at a glance

what a swell night it is for romance

you can hear dear Mother Nature murmuring low,

“Let yourself go!””

from Cole Porter’s wonderful song ‘It’s De-Lovely

• • •

Happy Super, Flower, Blood/Full Moon Eclipse Beautiful People of the world!!! I’ve got my alarm set for late tonight so I can actually go outside and see the eclipse! Very excited!!!

The whole time I’ve been sitting here drawing this, Cole Porter’s ‘It’s De-Lovely’ has been running circles through my brain. That’s not a bad thing!!! 😅 Speaking of Lovely, below is a youtube video (music only…sigh!) of the beautiful Ella Fitzgerald singing the song for anyone interested! I wish You and Yours SO Much LOVE and Every Single Incredible Anything Your heart/soul desires!!!

Huge hugs all around! Rock on!!!

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