“…and reminiscing…” • acrylic on reclaimed wood/14½” x 22″ (approx. 36.83cm x 55.88cm)

Happy Saturday, Beautiful People!

I refuse to waste paint so anytime I’ve squeezed too much onto my palette and have leftover, I paint nonsense on an empty board or two that I have laying around. They’re there for that purpose and always ultimately become paintings themselves. This is one of those. It went through a horribly ugly stage for a quite while (all my paintings do! 🤣) and then, recently, BAMMO! This beautiful scene emerged! Yay!!!

As this painting finally was taking form and winding down, Little River Band’s song ‘Reminiscing’ would take my mind hostage every time I sat down to work on it.

My beautiful man and I went to see them in concert a few years ago and they were WONDERFUL! We danced and sang and had a blast! I shall now plant this song in Your brain! 😅 Enjoy!

Cheers and Hugs all around!

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