‘centerstage’ • acryic on slightly bowed, reclaimed book shelf board (12″ x 36″ x ⅝” • approx. 30.5cm x 92cm x 1.5cm)

wave by/© Blissbait Art


i remember kissing in snow-muddied side streets as horns blared and the world ran rampant

there were shared aren’t-we-grown-up-and-soooo-cool cigarettes on carhoods

menthal smoke circles rose slowly past our young heads that were bursting with

being OH SO SERIOUS about e v e r y t h i n g

 spilling dreams like breadcrumbs

and radiating enough joyful spontaneity to hang the stars on with room to spare

i remember whispered confidences outside of overcrowded parties we were frightened of

there were purposefully mad jaywalking sprints seasoned with hysterical laughter along with

extremely creative cussing competitions against angry “i’ll run you over, man!!!” cabbies

so much exotic food

more people to watch than our eyes could comprehend

art energy noise click clack horns blaring life in capital letters full stop end of story ignoring screaming noise noise noise

hungry feet that were insatiable for whatever was around the next corner

i watch us now, smiling, through thick dense curtains of time

 like those magnificent, sentient earthbound beings of the highest order

 who stand in the middle of it all waving gently in ever evolving coats of light

 strong patient and silent

the trees of central park cheered us on

wave by/© Blissbait Art

All artwork, poetry, etc. (unless otherwise noted) are by/© Katy Boyer & Blissbait Art. All rights reserved.

'om' by/© Blissbait Art

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