your echo • acrylic on reclaimed tile (12½” x 12½”)/(31.75cm x 31.75cm)

your whispers melt time

bleeding slowly through my brush

you still my stunned heart

• • •

Happy Sunday, Beautiful People!!! I hope this finds All of You well!

As I’ve mentioned before; any spare paint I have on my pallet/brush gets haphazardly/thoughtlessly put onto whatever “empty” wood/etc. that happens to be laying around my studio until one day it speaks to me and morphs into a painting itself. That’s how my painting “…and reminiscing…” was born.

I have no idea who the man above is. One day I noticed an accidental profile I’d scribbled and then BOOM!!! He came calling. It’s so fun though as I truly feel like I know him. Like I knew him….someplace, sometime. He came very specifically, headdress and all and I find myself stopping to stare at him often. Art is SOOOO fun and can apparently serve as a time machine! Who knew?!! 🤣

Sending HUGE hugs all around and wishes that each of You have a week full of surprises that gift Your heart MUCH joy.

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