‘homeward bound’ • acrylic on reclaimed canvas (25″ x 32″/63.5cm x 81/3cm)

wave by/© Blissbait Art

Blissbait Art | St. Simons Artist Katy Boyer/'homeward bound'Happy Saturday, Beautiful People!

Those of You who have been my friends for a while may vaguely remember this painting. I used to call it ‘coming to win us’ (a tribute to Cat Steven’s song ‘Longer Boats’. It was MUCH simpler/different back then! Walking by it one day I noticed it had gotten scratched and some of the paint had come off. I’d forgotten to seal it properly. In fixing it  I started to play and play and play. That was about 5 months ago of revisiting it now and again when the mood struck. This has been a fun journey! It’s finished/sealed and being set free now!

wave by/© Blissbait Art

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