just over there…

i went walking late lastnight through the worries in my mind

bopped on past the “should have dones”, the “why in the world”s; their kind

just after i sidled up to a joke i’d somehow long forgotten

thank God!!! i lost my footing and i slipped on some thought rotten

turned upside down and inside out and forgot all the things i think of

body spinning, laughing loud, breeze of sweet light showed the brink of

the room i’m truly sitting in, the humour waiting there

a Love bonanza that trusts Life, swings from treetops, plays with hair

my jaw dropped through the endless floor, my heart absorbed the night

i held court with timelessness where everything’s alright!

• •. •

Happy Sunday, Beautiful World Family!!! I hope this finds You and Yours well and that You have a week that holds some truly joyful surprises!!! Huge hugs all around!

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