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A few weeks ago I submitted 3 of my books to our local library in hopes they’d consider me for their local author’s section. Yesterday I got a wonderful, very sweet, BIG FAT


I’m five-year-old excited!!!! Yay! Cheers all and let’s all keep rockin’ on!!!

An easier to see introduction to my books can be found on my website if anyone’s interested!

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'om' by katy boyer/Blissbait Art

3 waves for blog

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3 waves for blog


free-flow art/haikus, my original illustrated books for sale, serious, true short story for sale

i wrote some books, hid them away for years and now am selling them! What?!!

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locked away soooooooooooo long!

now on Amazon/Kindle

for sale now! YIPEEEEEEEE!

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